Can you succeed by being angry? Will you see talent?

Being angry is generally seen as a negative thing, and
there is a lot of energy in it.If
you have a bad feeling like getting angry, you might as well take advantage of it.

That being said, I'm pissed!

Yes, when you're angry, the more mature you are, the more you try to get over it without getting angry.On
the other hand, when you're angry, I think it's okay to be the person you were when you were angry.

I think that forcing yourself to suppress your emotions may be good for those around you, but it may not be good for you.

When people are angry and angry, even if they are told to calm down and think about it, it is normal for them to not be able to do so.

Please feel free to read the following if you feel like it.

It might not be such a bad thing !?

Feelings of anger or resentment are things we don't want to have,
but we encounter them in our lives.It's an accident,
just like falling while walking.As the

saying goes, ``If you fall, you don't get up for free.'' , there is a world that you can only see when you fall down.

It's the same thing when you're angry, and perhaps it's at such times that things become clearer.

I can see myself

Recently, many people are wondering who they really are.It's not that the
level of the person is low or that the person is at fault, but I think it's simply because they have too much information.

I will specifically explain what I can see.

I can see the talent

Many people wonder what their talents are.
Some of the feelings that make us angry are jealousy and jealousy.

・I'm supposed to be the main character, so why is that person the main character?

・I should definitely be recognized, so why am I not recognized?

・It's frustrating to lose to someone like that.

It's something like that

If you think so, it means you have the talent.

For example, if you were a fencer and you were better at fencing, but someone worse than you was chosen as a fencer and you were substituted, you might feel angry.

However, I don't have any experience or track record in fencing, let alone any talent, so I don't feel anything.

In other words, I get angry because I have that talent and am at a similar level and in a position that interests me.

People who say they don't know their own talent can clearly see it when they're angry.

Anger can get in the way and make it difficult to see, but deep down it's a good opportunity to realize your

talent.Interest Don't get angry about something you don't have or don't
have.When you get angry, think of it as an opportunity to discover your talent.

know your level

When I say my level, I mean my human level, my
level of human growth and ability.

As you get older, with few exceptions, you become calmer.
This is because you have experienced things that would normally make you angry from various experiences in the past, and you know what will happen next.

I don't think you should force yourself to do something before you can do it
, but it's also a form of self-control, and if you want to live a peaceful life, you'll be able to live a better life if you have the skills to avoid it as much as possible.

If the feeling of being angry is expressed as a number such as 100, from the perspective of someone who has experienced 100 points of anger, 10 points of anger is not a big deal.

I think the higher the number until you get angry, the more you are growing, and I think that is the size of your capacity.

For example, would a 30-year-old adult get angry about the same things that would make a 3-year-old child angry?

Of course,
it depends on the person, because people's growth rates are different, so their real age and mental age are different.

Was being angry at the level of ``I'm angry because you won't lend me your toy''? Or "Was it at a level where people's lives were concerned?"
If you look at it objectively like that, you can understand your own level.

Unfortunately, it seems like there are a lot of people these days who just get lost in the fights of 3-year-olds, respond with the theories of 30-year-olds, get angry, and are always irritated. I think it's okay to be angry in an appropriate way.

What makes me angry is the star

I'm angry because it's true

For example, I'm not overweight.

Therefore, even if someone were to say, ``You've gained weight, haven't you?'', you wouldn't feel anything. However, if you were to feel like, ``Maybe you've gained a

little weight lately,'' and you're trying to make up for it, you might think, ``I think you've gained weight.'' "Isn't that right?", you get angry at the person who found out even though you were hiding it.I think it's

okay to think that you're angry because they're right.

I think it's also a good idea to remember that when you are attacked in a part of yourself that you don't want to be attacked, you reflexively get angry.

The three F's of psychology

In psychology, it is said that when it comes to being angry, there are three ranks of attitudes that correspond to them, and they appear as the three F's.You can tell how upset someone is by their attitude when something is said to them

1st F

When someone points out a painful area when someone pokes me, I freeze up as a frieze.I
think everyone has experienced this nicely.When someone pokes me in a
painful area while I'm talking, I say something like, ``But , that's just how it is, right?'' , it will freeze

second F

As a fly
, when you point out the part that hurts when you are poked, your eyes start rolling and you get upset.
This is a mild state of panic. I
think if you are in this state, you can manage to get over it even if you get angry.

three F's

The last part of the fight
is a fight
. This is done reflexively when you feel that your position is in danger if you get pushed any further.
Probably when you do something like get angry, you don't fight to protect yourself. mosquito?

What we protect varies from person to person, but some of us take actions such as fighting because it is very inconvenient for us or because we value it very much.

It's not that fighting is bad, but when you realize what you need to protect and what you value, it becomes easier to understand yourself.

Being angry is a powerful energy

When it comes to emotions, anger, and sadness, getting angry means being angry, and it belongs to the
negative category.There is nothing negative about it.However
, when you think of it as energy, there is a powerful energy in it.

Positive energy like wanting to make someone happy is great, but
I'll give it back in return! Things that seem negative at first glance are more powerful and take action.

I won't let you say I'm not good at it anymore!

As you can see from the comment sections of blogs and video sites, etc.

A positive response such as "I like it" is at most a "click the like button",
but when people are filled with anger and say, "Let me say something!", they will take actions such as writing comments or even more escalated "behaviors". wake up

The same goes for yourself, rather than the type of person who goes on a diet because she wants to be called beautiful someday, she wants to make the person who dumped her regret it! People who go on a diet with this in mind will achieve better results.

In fact, there are many people who successfully utilize these negative emotions to their advantage.When you
think about it, the experience of being angry at yourself for not taking action becomes an opportunity in a sense.

There are many people history throughout who have used their angry emotions to their advantage.
Among them, some of the most famous are:

successful person

Steve Jobs

As the founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs built a global IT company.
It is said that he had a strong anger towards injustice and inequality from an early age, which became one of the sources of his motivation.
For example, he was angry that IBM was trying to monopolize the personal computer market, so he broke IBM's monopoly by developing the Macintosh at Apple.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is a Nobel Peace Prize winner who worked hard to help the poor.
She dedicated her life to helping the sick and hungry in the shanty towns of India.
She has a deep anger against poverty and inequality, which is said to be the driving force behind her philanthropy.

muhammad ali

Muhammad Ali is a legendary American professional boxer and three-time world heavyweight champion.
He had a strong accomplished anger against racism and war, and he channeled his anger into boxing and many great things.
For example, he refused to serve in the Vietnam War and had his boxing license revoked, but he continued to work against racism and war.

It's actually just an entrance

I have listed famous successful people, but there are actually many.

Being angry or angry has a lot of energy, so it is directly linked to action.

Successful people may sound like they have a lot of leeway, but their roots are often negative.

Even though I started out negatively, I gradually gained peace of mind and became able to see my surroundings, which is why I became a successful person.

Even if you start to succeed, if you only think about yourself, people will leave you.

I think it is harder to go from 0 to 1 than from 1 to 2.

It's the difference between taking action or not, and I think it uses the most energy to start taking action.

There are many people who are unable to do that and end up staying.

Anger energy can be acted upon without much effort.

There are so many negative elements that we tend to focus on them, but I think there are also benefits such as discovering yourself and standing on the doorstep to success.

Most people try to hold back or get pushed around, but if you can look just a little further ahead, you can see the benefits and turn it into something positive in the long run. I think

What not to do

Things you shouldn't do when you're angry
This may happen while you're angry, but it's a good thing to be aware of on a daily basis.


To put it bluntly, since you're angry, you can't be calm, and you
may end up hurting yourself.That
's why I think it's better to be aware of what not to do on a daily basis.

As mentioned in the 3 F's, you may say something harsh without thinking and end up hurting the other person.You may regret it or even
will gradually improve with experience.

The same goes for violent things.

But what I'm trying to say here is something bigger than hurting, and
please know that this includes yourself.

It's not just attacking someone else that hurts them; it's
just like cursing yourself or hurting yourself physically.

The energy of being angry is powerful.

Taking that energy out on someone else is like ``fighting'' or ``making trouble.'' We
tend to focus on that part, but it's also a disadvantage to focus the energy on yourself.

Rather than using it to hurt people, I think it's a good idea to rediscover yourself, use it as energy to move forward, and think about where you're going to take the blame.


A message for you who keep running my heart feels lighter

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