[Free] Ink Drop Background
ink drop About 2 minutes

ink drop material

I was able to download it from Google Drive, but I changed it to Suzuri.

It's still free

You can use it in many ways just by changing the color tone and effects.Sample
01: https://youtu.be/shS1RyJkw8cSample
02 (as is) https://youtu.be/sEnCi_CCz3o

Site usage example: https://masapi21.com/File
format: mp4Sound
: NoneDistributed

in a zip file including the terms and conditions.You
can change the color depending on how you use the video software.Cut
out the parts you like. Please use it

ink drop material free

(About license)
The video can be downloaded for free and used royalty-free.
Processing and editing are also possible.
Commercial use is also possible.
Please use it according to your taste.

However, the copyright is not waived and
cannot be sold, licensed, or distributed to others.
All images are the property of Masapi21.

Credits and links are welcome but not requiredRoyalty

-free video/edited image by Masapi21 Silence White background
About license
Images are free to download and use royalty-free
Can be processed and edited
Commercial use is also possible
Please use it with your sense

However, we do not abandon the copyright
It may not be sold, licensed or distributed to others.
All footage is property of Masapi21

Credits and links welcome but not required


Kyoto Gion cherry blossoms slow motion material

If this proposal from Adobe passes the review, I think it will be possible to use it for free.

If you want to use it for something, please do!

Kyoto Gion Cherry Blossom Slow Motion Stock Video | Adobe Stock

1920 x 1080px
File Format
49.102 Mbps
Frame Rate
File Size
107.83 MB
Plants & Flowers

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