To put it in a nutshell, I
think it's like giving honor to obey rather than giving money.

I am not a tea expert or a person who researches history, so please investigate in detail
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Nobunaga's Tea Utensils

I think Nobunaga Oda was famous for his love of tea.
It is said that in the olden days, tea was something similar to medicine, so even on the battlefield, he cherished tea time.

As for how tea utensils are related,
at that time the status of tea utensils was to own them as if they were brand-name goods.

I think it's similar to having a Ferrari now.

Samurai of the time

Tea ceremony utensils had the status of being owned as if they were brand-name items, but in addition to that, they also had honorary value

A tactic that Nobunaga came up with?

Recognize that this status can be used and buy
it when you were presented with tea ceremony utensils when you went to Kyoto.

About value

I'm sure they were expensive tea ceremony utensils, so I think I paid a certain
. , Honor is also added and value increases

I mentioned earlier that I would buy them together, but I originally bought them, but I
think it's different for each person, but as an example, let's say you have to
give 1 million yen in gold and silver, and
buy tea ceremony utensils for 500,000 yen.
It's a good tactic if you let them know that it's worth about 1 million yen with honor.

napoleon cloth

Napoleon also passed the honor

Similar to Nobunaga, and similar to what is written in another content,
"People are only interested in things that are beneficial to them."

I used to pay silver coins when I fought for my life and made achievements.

Napoleon's strategy

It's like a cross medal that was awarded , but
it seems to have been a piece of cloth.

me a piece of cloth instead of a silver coin.

Put a piece of metal around the cloth because the material will be cut off with just the cloth.

It feels like a badge you get on a radio program.

Nobunaga's tea utensils and Napoleon's cloth What is the tactic?

tactics to give something

In modern times, there are not many people who give their lives to tea ceremony utensils and pieces of cloth.
There may be a part of working hard to gain honor, but
is that what you really want? I think

It's easy to think that it's an old story, but it's still used today and has a tremendous effect.

i don't care

I think there are many people who think that it has nothing to do with
them. Please think carefully about the number of followers, channel subscribers, and comments.

There is something like invisible value there

I'm not interested in scraps of cloth

If you're on Youtube, you probably care about the number of channel

As of 2023, there are few people who boast about the number of mimics

My Miku is mixi, an SNS that I
used to do in the past.

Like modern followers, there were things like Mimiku, and the number was value

the platform is the company

I will quit if I judge that the profit will not increase

Until a little while ago, the number of "Likes" was displayed on StandFM, but
now the number is not displayed

You can easily do this by rewriting the code a little like this

Is Google in trouble?

The number of people doing YouTube is relatively far away, and
the hurdles for monetization itself are lower

If I was on the management side,
I would feel that if I didn't collect new videos, I wouldn't be able to earn advertising expenses.

I loosened the conditions for monetization,
so post it

I think that's what Google really thinks

On the other hand, even if you enter YouTube now, you won't make any money
, so you won't subscribe to the channel, and there's no way you can win against tens of thousands of people.

If you feel like that and new videos stop coming up,
YouTube itself will become a boring place.

"Then why don't we stop displaying the number of subscribers?"

I don't think there is such a thing

It may be a pleasure to receive an honor,
but I think it's okay to judge whether what you receive is really worth it.

Be on the side of the user in a good way,
so that you don't get tired of being used

it doesn't matter

At the time, cucumbers were considered to be the status of sandwiches using cucumbers for afternoon tea.

You can grow cucumbers, harvest them in abundance, store and transport hard-to-store items.

It seems that he was proud of that part

As I write in the announcement, I am repairing the blog a little.

In addition, I tried to write something like a column

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