It is common to use a highway bus between Osaka and Tokushima.
If you use the "Tokushima Kippu" sold by Nankai Electric Railway, it will cost 2,200 yen.

(From October 1, 2023 (Sunday) 

Adults: 2,500 yen Children: 1,250 yen) can be used on Nankai trains and Nankai ferries.

Please refer to the official website for the latest information on fares and conditions.From
Osaka to Tokushima and Kushima Saki Kippu
From Tokushima to Osaka Nankai Ferry


・Use the automatic ticket gate
・The ticket states that you cannot get off on the way

・When boarding from Osaka, it is safer to take the train bound for “Wakayama Port” instead of “Wakayama Station”
・Purchase can be done from automatic ticket machines, but some
credit cards are not accepted (VISA touch payment is also supported, but the device is the same, etc.) Some restrictions apply of contents

This route

Move from Osaka to Tokushima in the morning

1 night after sightseeing in Tokushima

The next day Naruto whirlpool sightseeing and then return route to Osaka

Naruto whirlpools used Uzushio Kisen

There is also a large Uzushio viewing boat, and the boarding point is different

★ JR Hotel Clement Tokushima


From Osaka to Tokushima

Starting from Nankai Namba Station in Osaka
This is the method I used.

I think you can grasp the atmosphere of each place with the following videos.

とくしま好きっぷ 前編  #おひとりさま #Vlog #ひとり旅 - YouTube


Purchase tickets at Nankai Namba Station

You can buy it at the ticket vending machine, but I bought it at the window

moving by train

I took the limited express from Nankai Namba Station to Wakayamashi Station.
Note: It's easier to get to Wakayamako by timing the ferry.

Wakayamashi Station and Wakayamako Station are one section, but there are few trains.
Also, as you can see in the video, there is only a convenience store inside Wakayamako Station, so you
will have to wait at the platform.

There are various opinions about stopovers, but the ticket states that stopovers are invalid , so I think it's better to think that it's basically impossible .
for Wakayamako Station instead of the train bound for Wakayama City.

On the way back, I noticed that if you take the limited express directly bound for Nankai Namba Station and Wakayama Port, it will only take about an hour.

Ferry boarding

There is a direct connection from Wakayamako Station to the ferry terminal, so you won't get lost. You'll have to walk , but you 'll have plenty of time because it's
connected to the train.

The shop inside the ferry was only open when we were on the Tokushima side.

Vending machines for cup noodles and juice are also available onboard.

Disembark at Tokushima Port

There is a small shop at the Tokushima Port ferry terminal. You can also buy
tickets here on your way home.

There is a shop, but it's small, so it's a good idea to buy something before you go home.

Take the connecting bus

Use the connecting bus from Tokushima Port to JR Tokushima Station. It
will come right after disembarking, so don't miss it.

The fare is fixed at 210 yen
and the last stop is JR Tokushima Station.

I used a one-day ticket on the way back QR code payment is also possible


There are many famous hotels around JR Tokushima Station.
I stayed at JR Hotel Clement

About tourism

The big ones are
・Gourd Island Cruise
・Awa Odori Hall
・Naruto whirlpool


とくしま好きっぷ 後編  #おひとりさま #Vlog #ひとり旅 - YouTube


From Tokushima to Osaka

There is a large bus terminal in front of JR Tokushima Station

Take a bus from JR Tokushima Station to Tokushima Port

Since I was sightseeing, I had a one-day pass. It is
convenient because it can be used here at the same time as sightseeing.
I purchased it at the bus terminal in front of Tokushima Station.

As an aside, the one-day ticket does not require a numbered bus ticket

important points

As I mentioned in the video, it is not called Tokushima Port, but the
station name is Nankai Ferry Terminal.

There may be a bus that goes directly to the Nankai Ferry Terminal, but the one I took was via

I think it felt like going around shopping malls such as Aeon.

Tokushima Port = Nankai Ferry Terminal I think you should remember this

From Tokushima Port to Wakayama

Since the ferry boarding and Wakayama Port are the same, I will omit them.

Purchase tickets to Osaka with cash There
is a shop, but it is small, so if you need anything, it is better to buy it in Tokushima city.

I'm from Osaka, so I took the Nankai Namba line, but for sightseeing, I think Wakayama sightseeing is also good because you can use all stations of the Nankai Electric Railway (except Senboku Rapid Railway).


From Tokushima Station, there are many buses in various directions.
I chose this route because I wanted to take the ferry, but the highway bus is more convenient.

Starting from Osaka,
the range spreads from Wakayama to Tokushima Tokushima to Kobe and Osaka, or Kyoto and Tokyo.

If you want to go sightseeing in Wakayama, etc. If you want to use the Nankai train If you want to
take a ferry (about 2 hours)
If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Shikoku

It is recommended for such people because they can relax.
There is a ferry from Osaka to Shikoku, but it will take a long time.

If you are coming from overseas, there are many routes to go sightseeing in Tokyo or Kyoto and then return from Kansai International Airport, but I think you can get a different taste by going to Tokushima or adding Wakayama to your sightseeing.

The sunset seen from the ferry is also beautiful.

This route

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