It is said that young people's communication skills and reading comprehension skills are declining in Japan these days. It is also possible that the reason is that it looks cool.

It's okay to have young people's words

In every era, there are expressions that are unique to the younger generation.I
think everyone has experienced such times.I think
it's a process of growth and it's not a bad thing.

I think it's a sense of superiority that we're different, and it's fun in a children's community.

There's a lot more to lose from internet words than you might think.

words used by children

The main word is ukeru (funny), but what about cho (very)
annoying (annoying) , which can also be used to make fun of someone
? (The nuance of "what is that?")
Seriously (serious talk) It's not that serious
I wish I could die (not a command, but a nuance that I want to eliminate) "
W" or "lol" It's used with a mocking nuance. Frequently
dangerous (bad situations) Although the word originally exists, it is used for many purposes and the intention is not clear.

Of course, this is not the only thing, so I will omit a detailed explanation.

Conversation example

The movie I watched the other day was really bad.

It's really dangerous, isn't it?

The main character gets killed W

It's a hit, but is there a point?


I'm really pissed off, I wish I could die

Dare to translate

The last movie I saw was very interesting. It was

really interesting. It was surprising

that the main character got killed. I get it,

but was that the point of it being interesting?

picture? Are you different?

Why do you have a different opinion than me?

I think it will look something like

Sharing things like this that only our generation understands is a fun part.In a
sense, it may be a joy shared by people who get excited just by using technical terms.

I think young people without specialized knowledge are simulating that joy.

words are weapons

It is often said that words are powerful weapons.In
Japan, there is even a word called kotodama, and it is said that words have souls.

I think everyone understands that depending on how you use it, you can gain great benefits or suffer great losses.

What you lose with internet words

There are many things you lose by using only internet words.One of
the most typical ones is vocabulary, but let's dig a little deeper.

I can't say what I want to say

There's a lot more to lose from internet words than you might think.

Online language, or rather, youth language, can be used in communities of the same level.As in the
example conversation above, it somehow gets across, but to
be more precise, it feels like it gets across.

I don't have many weapons (words) that I can use, so I can't express it accurately. ``The
movie I watched the other day was really bad.''
There is only one way to express this: it's either the best or the worst.

Even if it was interesting, it doesn't express specifically which parts and how it was interesting.

Since we are in a digital society, we tend to differentiate between 0 and 1, or good and bad, but most of the world is gray, there are
good parts and bad parts, and it is judged by looking at it comprehensively.

It 's the same with interpersonal relationships, and you end up making extreme judgments about whether you like them or not.Even if
someone comes to you that you really want to love and you want to convey your feelings, you can only use words like "I love you."
Since there is no sex, even if you want to convey your feelings to the other person, it will not be persuasive.

Not only in love, but also in business and other emotions, I can only use vague words.It's
painful when you want to express your feelings but can't put them into words.I think that's
when you'll probably realize it.

I don't understand either

There's a lot more to lose from internet words than you might think.

I think it's better if you know what you want to convey, because you just
need to know the words to say it.

However, there are many cases in which people do not even understand the content themselves.

Even if they find the movie interesting

, they not only fail to express specifically what parts were interesting, but also I don't even understand
it myself.I want to convey that it was interesting, but instead of verbalizing it, I just talk about the atmosphere without knowing specifically what I found interesting.

I may be able to convey it to you on the spot, but I find myself increasingly unable to understand what I felt and how I felt.

cause misunderstanding

There's a lot more to lose from internet words than you might think.

If there are few words, it will not be possible to express it accurately, leading to misunderstandings.

"It's interesting, but is there a point?"

Even if you say this with the intention of saying, ``You have an interesting point of view, and such opinions are helpful,'' the way the message is conveyed varies from person to person.It may be popular depending on the person you are talking to, but it may
leave a bad impression that you feel like you have been made fun of or made fun of.

In this case, words that were meant as a courtesy turn into expressions of ridicule. How they are interpreted depends on the
other person, but since they lack accuracy, misunderstandings often occur. Over time,
these misunderstandings lead to deterioration in interpersonal relationships.

communication disorder

Recently in Japan, there has been a tendency to use communication disorders as a character.If it
were a real disorder, I think we would have no choice but to fix it, but somehow people are imitating it and mistakenly thinking that it is a good thing. I think that there are some people who are really bad at communication (those who mainly communicate online) and it

may be interesting as a strategy for a popular character to disseminate information as a person with a communication disorder.
Because it's easy to empathize with

However, do people who disseminate information using communication disorders as characters really have communication disorders?

The more popular you become, the more connected you will be to work, and the more you will need to communicate even if you don't like it.

Not being able to communicate accurately in business is fatal.I
think it's fine to be aware that you're not good at it, but if it's at the level of an obstacle, it's another factor other than communication, and you won't be able to find a business partner unless you have great attraction.

I think there are many people who are influenced by a character and mistakenly think that character is that person, even though they have never met them.

can't find a solution

There's a lot more to lose from internet words than you might think.

Even if I find myself in a difficult situation, I can't express it because I don't know the words or my feelings in the first place.The only thing I
can express is the result.

"do not want to"

Even if those around you want to find out the cause and suggest a better solution, there is nothing you can do if you don't know the specifics, such as why you don't want to do it.

You end up in a situation where you can't help even if you want to help.People
in a world that relies solely on conversations that lack specificity won't give you a good answer even if you talk to them.

“I don’t want to do it.”

“Then just stop.”

That's all

Difficult situations come to everyone, and
there are many people who try to help in such times,
but if you do not have the means to communicate, you will remain in difficulties.

Only applicable to young people

As I mentioned at the beginning, it's okay to have youth language and internet language,
but it only applies
to children. Surprisingly, there are rare cases where adults are trying desperately to keep up, but young people Is that what you want to be thought of?
Rather than emphasizing youth, it emphasizes childishness.

I think it would be better to become someone who can have in-depth conversations in words that only experts in some specialized field can understand.

When you become an adult, you need to communicate properly even if you
don't like it. If you can't do that, you will feel uncomfortable.

Particularly, parts that cause misunderstandings have a large impact.

You lose not only in the bad parts, but also in the merits such as opportunities and receiving something.When you
are given a big opportunity,

With someone you can say, "Today is the happiest day of my life. It's all thanks to you. If I had to describe this feeling..."

For those who end with just "I'm really happy," the number of opportunities and things they receive will change after that.

I said that words are weapons, but they are not just tools for attacking someone, but they are also tools for gaining benefits.

"Die" kills yourself

There's a lot more to lose from internet words than you might think.

Due to the influence of games and anime, we easily use words like ``die''.
Children may have used words like this at some point, but

in Japan today, some adults also use words.
Words have a lot of energy

If this word is meant to be as derogatory as possible, it also means that it lacks expressiveness.

If you grow up and are told to die, you will ask very obvious questions like why do I have to die and why do you have to tell me?Children can't answer those questions.They don't really understand death in the first

. Because I haven't

If an adult were to say the same thing, I would wonder if they didn't even understand that they had no right to order others to do such things.

This is a situation in which you are strongly demonstrating your lack of expressiveness and childishness,
and everything comes back to you.

People who often use the word ``die'' toward someone, when they become negative, use the word ``I should

die,'' ``

I don't need this person,'' ``

I don't exist like this.'' I'm fine with that.''

I fall into such thoughts and commit suicide.

The weapon used does not change, but
the target of the weapon changes.

Even if you don't commit suicide, negative words can affect your mental state.The lives of
people who overuse words such as "die" and those who use words such as "thank you" will be different.

Former member of parliament arrested

In Japan, there was a person who once became a member of the Diet by using a celebrity scandal as a joke, and was even arrested.Some people supported him and attracted
but he was eventually arrested and is no longer talked about.

I think what that person had was communication skills.

Although he did not have any achievements or special qualifications, he lived in Dubai until he was about to be arrested.He must have had many supporters there

An ordinary Japanese person needs a lot of money to live in Dubai or go on a trip.In
Japan, money is also needed for elections.

It may be a bad thing to say, but a person with no great skills was living a good life until he was arrested. Some
people may have had doubts, but I think the reason was his high communication skills.

Each person has a skill,
such as a skill to earn money or some other skill, but communication skills are the easiest to change your life.

This is because you can utilize not only your own efforts but also the efforts of others.

Growth of individuals

There's a lot more to lose from internet words than you might think.

If you think it's okay to just use the words of young people or the words of the Internet, I think that's fine.It's a
stage of growth, and you'll definitely come to realize that someday.Instead, it's better to
immerse yourself in that world now, before you get bored. I think you'll notice it soon too.

It's up to you when you realize it, but when you feel a little hurt that it's not working or that you're losing out, you'll think to yourself, ``This can't be right.''

Output overseas

Overseas, there is a lot of emphasis on output.
Japan is behind the times, so children's expressiveness and reading comprehension may be at a level that is poor, but overseas they learn how to output.
There seem to be different types of expressiveness.

The level of translation software is improving rapidly, and the differences between languages ​​are disappearing.What will become different
in the future is the content, such as what and how, and the power of expression and how to convey it.

Japanese is amazing

Japanese is at a difficult level for foreigners to learn.Even
though it is the same word, the meaning can change just by changing the intonation.I

think this characteristic also exists in Hangul and Chinese, but Japanese is difficult to learn in places. It becomes even more difficult because there are elements such as air.The

standard alphabet is 26 letters, but Japanese has 50 sounds.It

is easier to understand if we take colors as an example, but there is not just one color such as red, but even within red, There are a surprising variety of colors, such as Asakisuou and Akaneiro, which are
similar to what we call today's color codes.

They have the ability to express themselves in words in such detail.To be precise,
it may be that many people had the ability to express themselves in words.

I think it was necessary to express it in words because Japan does not have a culture of casual hugging.Japanese
anime is praised around the world because it expresses details that are difficult to put into words. is

Even though these languages ​​are all around us from birth, I feel it is a waste to lump them all together due to their lack of expressive power.

output, not input

There's a lot more to lose from internet words than you might think.

There are many people who acquire knowledge on the Internet.There
are also people who are eager to learn and acquire a lot of knowledge.It
is good to input, but I feel that there is little output.It depends

on your study style, but it is difficult to chew on others. I think that you can only call it your own knowledge when you reach a level where you can explain it. What is
necessary for that is output.

It's like you're getting an extra starting point just because you can speak difficult Japanese.You don't have to force yourself to
read books, you can read manga.

Don't just limit yourself to the world of short sentences on a smartphone app. Just by being exposed to a variety of expressions, you can increase the types of expressions you can express. By outputting the output of
actually using the increased types, you can easily improve your expressiveness. I'm not good at
interpersonal skills. Even so, there are various ways to express it in writing, voice, etc.

At least you will be able to convey what you want to say, and more importantly, you will be able to understand the "what" and "how" parts within yourself.

Being able to verbalize what you want to convey and being able to convey it accurately will enrich your life;
otherwise, it will only lead to stress.

everything comes back to me

Everything you do, not just your words, will come back to you someday.This
has been said in many forms since ancient times.There

is also a Buddhist term called ``Ingaouhou'' (karma and retribution).
It means that if you do good things, good things will come to you, and if you do bad things, bad things will come back to you.It is a simple

thing like there is a cause and there is a result, but it is said in a different way not only in Buddhism but also in spirituality. is being

People who say unpleasant words and act in a degrading manner People who
say words of gratitude and act for the sake of others

In both cases, similar people appear around you, and you receive it as an experience as well.

It's okay to use different words, so I think it's okay to use them in ways that are beneficial to you.

I think it would be great if this world became a world where people happily give to each other instead of a world where everyone competes.

Thank you for reading

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