(Tips for Setting Priorities in Life)

The more someone prioritizes efficiency, the more they tend to care about setting priorities.

They unconsciously prioritize aspects such as wanting to eliminate waste, proceed efficiently, and avoid losses as much as possible.

Then they organize in their own mind what should come first.

I think it's necessary for busy modern people, and I also have that tendency myself.

"What is really necessary is what to eliminate."

There are often times when we have to think about priorities, and we are often too busy to have any leeway.

Trying to do everything properly makes us very busy, and I think it's okay if we can handle it joyfully.

However, what becomes necessary when we are fully occupied is what to eliminate.

I thought it was necessary, but it didn't matter when I quit.

I thought I should do it, but it was my own rule that I had decided.

It was included in the sequence, but it was not a problem even if it was not done now.

Just by eliminating what is not necessary now in this way, the priority becomes simpler.

If it becomes simpler, we can proceed carefully with each task.

Instead of being swayed by the immediate priority, I think it's better to think about the priorities in life and create space to please ourselves.

I believe that will bring new good things.