Well, I think there are times when the sense of distance changes and you feel lonely.

(I enjoyed playing horses)

Well, I think there are times when the sense of distance changes and you feel lonely.

I didn't quarrel, but

I feel like my heart is somehow far away

I can't enjoy it in the community I belonged to

I suddenly feel that it doesn't fit

When such things happen in quick succession

Feeling lonely and anxious

I feel lonely and uncomfortable

I got tired of trying to repair it

I think it can be disturbing to the irregular flow

"Ready signal"

Everything is changing

Regardless of the situation

Be it a relationship

Be yourself

Good and bad never stay as it is

When it feels like people are moving away

It's not that the surroundings have changed

When I grow up

I feel this and that in the hole that has been temporarily opened

Better things come in vacant places

It'sa wonderful thing that I couldn't even imagine.

I can easily forget my current feelings

What makes you shine more

Rather than chasing what you are losing

Let's expect what comes in

I will connect in a good way anyway

Really happy timing

I think it's different from being alone.

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